Technical details 


Artoflex composite meets the highest standards of the construction industry in regards to fire resistance and protection against impacts. Artoflex composite is non-toxic and possesses multiple unique properties, like its weight-to-strength ratio and its durability.

With its wide array of uses, Artoflex composite can replace Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum (GRG), Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC), and Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP). All of these materials are used for both interior and exterior construction. In comparison, Artoflex composite is more versatile as a prefabricated paneling system, as its manufacturing tolerance can be much tighter.

Using Artoflex composite as a water-based system creates important savings in manufacturing costs. Using a fire-resistant product like Artoflex composite reduces buildings insurance costs. Moreover, costs covering employee insurance, ventilation systems and building energy are reduced, because Artoflex composite contains no solvents.  


Surface finishes

Artoflex composite can meet both your technical and aesthetic requirements. Different materials can be added to the composite to increase its performance. Its properties and its finish type can be adjusted. The high quality finish makes it possible to mimic different material types or obtain a unique finish.

When a specific type of finish is desired, a laminate or composite foam material can be used. Multiple types of filler can be directly added to the mixture in some case up to 200%. The method of manufacture varies depending on the desired type of finish. Multiple colours and finishes are possible. 


Artoflex composite has an excellent weight-to-strength ratio, which allows laminating large panels with complex details. Artoflex composite can be laminated, moulded, sprayed and painted. This allows freedom when shaping the material. Any shape is possible, such as flat or curved.


Artoflex composite’s surface finish can withstand repeated use, as it is extremely durable. For regular maintenance, Artoflex composite can be washed with detergents and water. Because it is durable, it can also be washed with stronger substances, like solvents, without deteriorating. Artoflex composite is used in public places, as it can be treated with anti-graffiti coatings, which makes it possible to remove paint.


Technical data

  • Mixing ratio: two parts mineral powder for one part acrylic resin
  • Creamy white colour
  • Colour can vary slightly with every production batch
  • Density (wet)1.75 kg / dm3
  • Density (dry)1.66 kg / dm3
  • Reaction time: 20 minutes (can be reduced or increased by using additives)
  • Demoulding time of approximately three hours (can be reduced or increased by using additives)
  • Shelf life of one year if not opened
  • Hardness85º Shore D 
  • Expansion of less than 0.6% during the hardening process (can be reduced by using additives)